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ready for 25NL?

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Done With Poker
  Angry Pimp, Jan 05 2008

Alright, well the girlfriend thinks i am a pathological gambler and as such, she is "banning" me for a month, and making me cash out - or else i risk losing her. this is a pain in my ass since it is a hassle to redeposit. it is such bs how she cant just password protect my own account with a password that she only knows. she says that she is doing all this to "help" me, when i am nothing but a profitable player, +$700 this month BOOYAH. fucking pisses me off how some people dont understand that poker is an activity in which you CALCULATE and MITIGATE risk by taking a TACTICAL and STRATEGIC approach. basically - all of u understand how much time it takes to grind 25NL and 50NL and i suspect that she is just plain pissed because i pay more attention to poker than i do (even though this is not the case).

final note: pisses me off even more how this happens right when i get the ball rolling, on both 25/50NL AND rakeback. fucking gay

but anyway, see u guys in a month
good luck on this month's sessioning

angry pimp *signing off*

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14 bi downswing 25NL
  Angry Pimp, Jan 04 2008

ok, so i had a $360 downswing on 25NL, and i have managed to recuperate it all except $98, which i am feeling pretty good about. before this massive downswing, my winrate over the 8k hands before this was approx 15 bb/100.

the downswing lasted for the better part for 10k hands. my numbers during these hands were 18.5/15.3/3.6
and i was winning my showdowns 59% of the time.

kk v aa
kk v aa
set over set
set vs straight
set vs straight and many many suck outs on the river...

the only thing i can say for myself, with regard to part of this being "my fault", is that i "let them get there" sometimes with the draws. but after reviewing my hands, it seems as though i played good over all, and only spewed/played like shit maybe $40 of this money.


is this just variance? or do i need to work on my game? PLEASE HELP!

ty for suggestions!

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ready for 25NL?
  Angry Pimp, Dec 17 2007

am i ready for 25NL?

here is the graph for 10NL

This is all profit starting from 400, so bear in mind my bankroll is $831.

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